Mad World


The Berlin based comic collective Moga Mobo invited comic artists from various countries to make comics out of songs! The specification was that only 9 square panels could be drawn. I chose the song „Mad World“ by Tears for Fears. While I was working on the concept for the comic, the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine began. I decided not to eliminate the influence that pictures and reports from the news had on me. So the comic became what it is. I´m not sure if I have the right to post the lyrics here, so I ask you to look for them yourselves on the internet. They are easy to find.
Get a copy of the book HERE and see lots of beautiful short comics by amazing comic artists. The book is free, the shipping has to be paid.

The comic does not stick to close to the lyrics. At some point the story in the pictures goes its own way. But for me there are still clear connections to the text: „familiar faces“, „worn out places, worn out faces“…. also „Happy Birthday“ or „Children waiting for the day they feel good“…