Styx (Animationsfilm)

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Der STYX umfließt den Hades, die Unterwelt in der griechischen Mythologie. Um auf die andere Seite zu gelangen, muss man den Fährmann Charon bezahlen.
Hades, the Underworld in greek mythology, is surrounded by the river STYX. You have to pay the ferryman Charon to get to the the other shore.
8:30 min, 4:3, no dialogues, Münster 2007
Professor tutor at college – Prof. Norbert Nowotsch
Regie u.Produktion direction and production – Aike Arndt
Drehbuch screenplay – Aike Arndt, Sibille Mischer
Animation animation – Aike Arndt
Musik music – Florian Bodenschatz
Soundeffekte sound effects – Anja DriemeckerI created STYX in 2007 for my diploma. In 2008 it was nominated for the German Shortfilm Award. It was screened in several festivals around the globe. The characters are ink drawings, the backgrounds are watercolour layers. The animation was done in Aftereffects.